In this fully revised edition of Stephanie Alexander’s best-selling ‘bible’ for the Australian kitchen, she has added two new chapters, BUSH FOODS and GRAINS AND SEEDS, and the chapter on MUSHROOMS has been expanded to include information about the exciting new truffle industry. Similarly, the chapter on ROCK LOBSTERS now includes information on scampi, and the popular BASICS and EQUIPMENT sections have been enlarged to include more explanations and preparations essential in every cook’s repertoire. Stephanie has also added 70 new recipes, so this classic cookbook now includes close to 1000 failsafe recipes. These new entries and recipes reflect the steady but sure acceptance of ingredients that were once considered only of marginal interest. Stephanie believes that good food is essential to living well: her book is for everyone, every day. She has invaluable information about ingredients, cooking techniques and kitchen equipment, along with inspiration, advice and encouragement and close to 1000 failsafe recipes.

Publication date: 25/04/2007

Cooks Companion Book By Stephanie ALEXANDER

Code: 9781920989002

Pages: 1136
Dimension: 251mm x 192mm

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