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Shiny, smooth and with a mirror-like finish, chrome is easy to clean and is long-lasting for long-term use. Its luminous finish increases the hardness, durability and corrosion resistance.

Food Safe

Non-porous and hygienic, our Food Safe products can be used for all manners of foodservice. Free from rust and corrosion, these products are ideal for long-term commercial environments.

Strong & Durable

Long-lasting and sturdy, our strong and durable products are built to last and resistant to damages. Able to withstand the rigours of commercial use, this reliable range is ideal for outdoor and indoor use.

Glass Hanger Brass Plated 260mm | 410mm | 610mm Chef Inox

Code: Glass Hanger Brass Plated

Chef Inox has an immense range of professional kitchen utensils that, short of doing the cooking for you, will certainly make your cooking experience much easier.

Code: TK10210 TK10216 TK10224
Length: 260mm 410mm 610mm
Colour: Brass Plated Brass Plated Brass Plated


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