With its look of matte concrete and stunning textured finish, JAB Concrete adds an industrial feel. Ultra-durable and contemporary in design making it perfect for catering and outdoor use.

Designed in Australia and made from premium grade melamine makes JAB food-safe and able to withstand temperatures up to 110c. Perfect for catering, nursing homes, hospitals, canteens, child care centres, offices, and also for home use. JAB Design offers exciting, colourful hard-wearing alternatives to porcelain, glass and stoneware.

Gelato Cereal Bowl 152x75mm / 770ml Green | Red | Navy Blue | Pink | Yellow

Code: TK48499

Bright and cheerfully coloured, JAB Gelato adds a pop of colour while also being safe and durable. It?s high gloss finish has a porcelain effect that is perfect for outdoor dining and catering.

Code: TK48490 TK047502 TK47532 TK47402 TK47611
Diameter: 152mm
Height: 75mm
Capacity: 770mm
Colour: Green / White Interior Red / White Interior Navy Blue / White Interior Pink / White Interior Yellow / White Interior

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