Enhance your mixology skills and elevate the flavours of your favourite cocktails and spirits with the Avanti® Cocktail & Spirit Smoking Kit. This all-encompassing kit includes everything you need to infuse a tantalising smoky essence into your beverages, bringing a new dimension to your drinking experience. Included in the kit is a butane gas torch with a single flame nozzle, a smoke infuser, spoon, cleaning brush as well as four tins of premium wood chips. The smoke infuser is crafted from a solid piece of oak and is designed to sit comfortably on the rim of a glass. It features a removable double weave high quality stainless steel mesh filter with a wide solid rim that protects the infuser from scorching. The filter effectively isolates and contains the wood residue ensuring a cascading waterfall of culinary smoke to penetrate and enhance the flavour of your cocktail or spirit. Each wood chip tin offers a unique flavour profile, allowing you to delve into the aromatic subtleties of cherry, apple, oak, and beech wood chips and discover the ideal smoky note for your cocktails or favourite spirit. All chips are crafted from natural wood without any artificial additives, ensuring a pure taste and sized for optimal smoke performance.

  1. Position the infuser on the rim of the cocktail or spirit-filled glass, ensuring the lid is left off. Maintain a minimum 2.5cm gap between the beverage and the bottom of the infuser.
  2. Load the provided spoon with wood chips into the filter, remembering that less is preferable.
  3. Ignite the wood chips by holding the torch lighter approximately 10cm from the wood chips, directing the flame down into the center of the mesh filter. Gradually lower the torch to 3cm above the wood chips. Only ignite the wood chips for a brief duration
  4. Cover the infuser with the lid and let it sit for 30 seconds.
  5. Once the desired level of smokiness is attained, remove the lid and savour the enhanced aroma and flavour.
  6. Safely discard burnt wood chips by placing them in a non-flammable container.


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  • Solid piece oak infuser with lid
  • Wide rim 18/8 stainless steel double weave mesh filter
  • Butane gas torch
  • Premium wood chips
  • Spoon with optimal sized bowl
  • Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Smoking torch (Butane not included)
  • 1 x Oakwood smoke infuser
  • 1 x 18/8 Stainless steel double mesh filter
  • 1 x Spoon
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 4 x Wood chips flavours: Cherry, Apple, Oak and Beech
  • Cherry: Slightly sweet notes with a fruity flavour – slightly intense.
  • Apple: Slightly sweet notes with refreshing flavour – medium intense
  • Oak: A nutty flavour with some light vanilla notes – medium intense.
  • Beech: A nutty flavour with sweet notes – medium intense.
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