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Created from quartz sand and combined with soda, potash and feldspar, it results in elegance, performance and clarity. Safer and more durable than leaded crystal, our lead-free crystal delivers exceptional shine and transparency for enhanced presentation.

kitchen kapersLASER CUTTING

Consistency is key when producing uniform and linear rims and is achieved by using a laser beam (rim cutting). This technology improves the quality of the products and is specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals.


Glassware with thin rims present a fine delivery to the palette, allowing all aromas and flavors to be appreciated.

kitchen kapersPULLED STEM

Pulled stemware is obtained through a particular hot pulling process of the stem. This technology allows to manufacture products whose shapes are elegant and refined. Stolzle pulled stemware is absolutely functional even for everyday use.


Designed for sturdiness and strength, Stolzle Solid Bottom Plate ensures stability on the table. Its firm footed base provides excellent balance without compromising on stunning design.


Stolzle have been an active participant in the EU Emission Trading Scheme since 2005, which means that they are encouraged to steadily reduce our energy consumption and greenhouse gases through the use of the latest technology. All glasses that do not correspond 100% to quality requirements stay within the production cycle, will be re-melted and used again. All packaging has a FSC certification; filling material and pallets are also made of recycable material. Rainwater collected in a cistern replaces the use of water in production.

Wine Taster 65x155mm / 220ml Glass

Code: TK360-040

Bring out the flavour and aromas of your wine. Designed with crystal clear brilliance and lightness, Stolzle range of glassware are aesthetically pleasing and durable for long-lasting everyday use.

  • Capacity: 220ml
  • Max. Diameter: 65mm
  • Height: 155mm
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