Reversible – Pack ‘N Carry

100% home compostable and recyclable. The Pack ‘N Carry cardboard range is eye-catching, strong and durable - and at a fantastic price point! They’re also 100% home compostable and recyclable. Unique innovative design with a white inside [...]

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New Generation sous vide

New Generation Professional sous vide. While immersion circulators have become incredibly popular for professional and home cooks alike, there hasn’t been much technological innovation in the marketplace in recent years… until now. The HydroPro PLUS new [...]

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Bormioli Rocco Cocktail Glassware

New cocktail Glassware from BORMIOLI ROCCO is arriving now! Speakeasy America 20’s We stock all  6 styles in the range of Speakeasy America 20’s. They all feature Star Glass lead free Crystal so they do NOT alter [...]

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Introducing AUSSIE CHEF

Introducing a new range of uniforms from Aussie Chef. ALEX Press Stud Chef Jacket is the ultimate cool, perfect unisex chef jacket for the modern kitchen. It’s designed for those who are looking for something a bit different [...]

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Hello 2021 – New deliveries

A lot of new stock is arriving now and will continue to flow through well into February – but new orders from Asia will be slow until early April due to their public holidays and new [...]

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Refresh your barware!

RCR Crystal have some funky new cocktail glasses, that have just arrived in store - Coupe, Martini, Nick & Nora. PLUS a beautiful new carafe/decanter 
for share cocktails. Schott Zwiesel have released a range designed by Charles [...]

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Current Supply Chain – Update

Shortages of goods will continue for at least the next 3-6 months while the authorities handle the current outbreaks and consequences of Covid-19. There are continuing delays in shipments - out of ALL ports. Some factories are still [...]

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Just In! – 1883 Gourmet Syrups

1883 Gourmet have reduced the sugar in some popular syrups – by a huge 30%! 1883 Gourmet, produced at the foot of the French Alps, are recognised for using only the highest quality ingredients with true deep [...]

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Freezer to Oven – Disposables

An innovative new range rectangular containers that can go straight from freezer to oven. They are stackable, sturdy, stylish and compostable (there’s no need to recycle!) and a common size clear lid fits all sizes. Join the [...]

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Bagasse Sugarcane Platters

Made from 100% sugarcane, these disposable platters are available
in 3 sizes suit all needs. They are heavy duty (and sustainable) with clear
anti-fog lids.CONTACT US for further details. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

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